Victorinox Evowood 17-Swiss Army Knife


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Victorinox Evowood 17-Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox EvoWood 17 is a wonder tool at an affordable price.

With its Swiss quality blades and woodsaw, there is almost nothing you cant do with it.

The EvoWood is a special edition of the certain Swiss Army Knives in the Delémont Collection. The wood handle is made from Walnut, giving it a comfortable, natural feel.



  • Blade
  • Nailfile with
  • -nail cleaner
  • Serrated-edge scissors
  • Can opener with
  • -small screwdriver 3mm
  • Cap lifter with
  • -screwdriver, lockable
  • -wire stripper
  • Corkscrew
  • Reamer, punch
  • Keyring
  • Wood-saw

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Additional information

Weight0.098 kg
Dimensions2.75 × 8.5 × 2.65 cm

3 reviews for Victorinox Evowood 17-Swiss Army Knife

  1. Zak Perry

    This is my new favorite Swiss Army knife. I used to be a fan of the Wenger version of this knife, but since Wenger merged with Victorinox, this knife is actually better. They have included the more durable scissors that Wenger developed and they’ve replaced the Wenger awl, tweezers and toothpick with the better Victorinox versions. Another plus is that we now have the small screwdriver on the end of the can opener which also works on Phillips screws (on the old Wenger version, we had to modify the old Wenger nail file to do this job). One negative is that they kept the mediocre Wenger nail file (it doesn’t file as well as the Victorinox version found on the Vic Sportsman) and they replaced the better Wenger can opener with the poorly designed Victorinox opener (which is more intuitive but opens cans slower).

    I also own a Victorinox Evolution S-17, but that knife has a big design flaw, in that the main blade lock mechanism makes it really difficult to get to the scissors. The Evowood doesn’t have a locking blade, so it avoids this problem. While I like the idea of a locking blade, in this case, the downside outweighs the safety advantage.

    Sadly, Victorinox seems to be phasing out the Evolution and Evowood knives (I think that’s a mistake as these knives have distinct advantages over the standard Victorinox knives), so SAK fans may want to grab these before they disappear forever.

  2. Brice Bryan

    Wenger Traveler with Vic can opener and awl (but no toothpick and tweezers)? Yes, please! I thought this would be perfect for me, but I’m finding I’m really not a fan of the added bulk of the EvoWood scales. This is a tad wider than my Explorer.

    I love the combination of tools. I wish Vic would make a thinner model. If I find the width doesn’t bother me or I manage to thin out the scales I’ll upgrade my rating to 5 because I do like it.

    Edit: up to 5. I started carrying this daily and was very sad when I lost it. Probably won’t buy another because of price. Prefer Alox now.

  3. Devon Kirk

    I had a Spartan Swiss Army knife decades ago, which always seemed like it was the perfect pocket knife, but it had taken a walk somewhere along the way. I was unable to find another Spartan, and although others came and went, they never seemed like they fit all my needs without being too much. I don’t want a big, heavy knife, just one with well made tools that I know I’ll use, and that corkscrew is ever so much more valuable to me than scissors, since there’s no substitute for it when you need it.

    When I saw this beautiful version, I asked Santa to bring me one. I love it! It has just what I need, it’s well built, the blade is sharp, the tools are high quality, the wood is beautiful, and, along with the contours, makes it a pleasure to hold and use.

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Victorinox Evowood 17-Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Evowood 17-Swiss Army Knife