Victorinox Evolution 14 Swiss Army Knife


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Embrace change, explore new horizons, progress everyday… This is what the Evolution collection is about.

With the Evolution 14 model, we bring you the perfect tool for your everyday adventures. It features all the functions you need with specially formed scales that offer outstanding grip and stability. Work faster and easier with this little bit of evolution that fits in your pocket.



  • A piece of evolution that fits in your pocket
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 14 functions and ergonomically designed scales
  • Includes serrated-edge scissors and a corkscrew
  • Product dimension- 20.5 x 85 mm


  1. key ring
  2. toothpick
  3. tweezers
  4. large blade
  5. nail file
  6. nail cleaner
  7. corkscrew
  8. bottle opener
  9. screwdriver
  10. wire stripper
  11. can opener
  12. screwdriver 3 mm
  13. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  14. scissors

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Additional information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 2.05 × 6.5 cm

2 reviews for Victorinox Evolution 14 Swiss Army Knife

  1. Jaimie

    I LOVE my little Swiss Army knife. Had to re-buy when the TSA took mine when I forgot to leave it at home. Felt wrong walking around without it while waiting for this one to ship.

    I use it all the time- to cut tags off things, file a nail even if it breaks, open beers. One time I even sliced a pie with it when we were stuck in a drive-in movie with no other cutting implement!

  2. Kai Gillespie

    This is one of the great 3-layer Swiss Army knives. (SAKs)

    I’ve had the Victorinox Super Tinker, Climber, and Hiker before, and this one trumps them all. Why?

    It has a more durable scissors spring. The lever you see in the pic actuates a backspring for the scissors, instead of having a leaf spring, which will eventually break or get bent out of alignment.

    It has the self-locking large flat head screwdriver on the end of the bottle opener, carried over from Wenger. When you bear down on a flat head screw, it wedges in place, rather than folding up on you.

    Instead of a small blade, it has a nail file. The tip of it works in #0 and #1 Phillips screws and also as a light-duty prybar.

    Now that this is a Victorinox model instead of Wenger, it has the great Victorinox can opener.

    The Evo scales are quite comfortable in the hand.

    The corkscrew works great, not just on wine corks, but also for helping to untie knots.

    The 85mm length is more comfortable in a hip pocket than the 91mm Victorinoxes.

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Victorinox Evolution 14 Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Evolution 14 Swiss Army Knife