Toilet Brush features:

  • Made from durable materials with a stainless steel shaft.
  • Flexible design reaches all areas, even under the rim.
  • Anti-drip.
  • Anti-clog.
  • Durable bristles.
  • Clean with bleach but avoid prolonged contact with stainless steel shaft. Or with or hot, soapy water.
  • Storage caddy is integrated in the holder for keeping cleaning products or aerosols handy, but discreetly out of sight.

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Additional information

Weight0.72 kg
Dimensions13 × 14.9 × 45.7 cm

4 reviews for Joseph Joseph Flex Plus Smart Toilet Brush with Storage Bay – Grey

  1. Anna Gonzalez

    This is great for small bathrooms. It’s very slim and the holder for the toilet cleaner is genius…it’s convenient and not taking up space under my bathroom sink. It also just feels way more sanitary than a toilet brush.

  • Sierra Richardson

    Best ever to clean into the L shape piece of the toilet basin! Thank you to the person who invented this! Works perfectly!

  • Derek Hamm

    Love this brush alot better then the others I have used

  • Andrew Barton

    This brush and holder are really chic looking. The stainless steel wall inside looks great. It has a small storage area right in front to hold your toilet bowl cleaner. However, my cleaner doesn’t fit in that area. It’s too big. I still like how this is designed to hold the brush totally enclosed and out of sight. But I love the “brush” best of all. It is angled to get under the rim. It has little nobbies that really scrub the toilet bowl. You still have to use cleaner, obviously. But those little nobbies are great. They seem to work so much better than a brush which tends to flatten out after awhile. Really nice looking and great to use.

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