Scanpan Cookware

Since 1956, SCANPAN has produced safe and sustainable cookware for professional and home use to meet Australian kitchen needs. Scanpan cookware offer the home cook world class non-stick cookware tools in the marketplace to meet any culinary needs. Modern Appliances has curated collection of Scanpan cookware and knows you will love cooking for a healthy lifestyle for lifetime.

Choose from below Scanpan products.

    • Scanpan 10pc Knife Block Set

      This SCANPAN Classic 10 piece knife block contains an 11cm vegetable knife, 14cm tomato/cheese knife, 15cm utility knife, 20cm bread knife 20cm chef knife , 20cm carving knife, carving fork , sharpening steel and multi purpose kitchen shears, all in a modern beechwood block.

    • Scanpan 8L Pressure Cooker with Side HandlesScanpan 8L Pressure Cooker with Side Handles

      The Scanpan Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker lets you prepare fresh, flavoursome food in a fraction of the time of traditional cooking methods. The cooker is fast and energy efficient, saving approximately 1/3 of the usual cooking time and energy. The technology is designed to preserve the nutrients within the food and is suitable for use on all cooking surfaces including induction, gas and electric.The strong stainless steel body and lid are made to withstand pressure up to 500KPa. The folded edge design of the Scanpan Pressure Cooker strengthens the structure of the body and helps to protect the silicone gasket from damage.Additionally, it has easy to read internal capacity markings. The Scanpan pressure cooker is patented with the highest safety rating and conforms to safety certification standards UL/gS/CE

    • SCANPAN Axis Stockpot w/lid

      Cooking with SCANPAN Axis makes it even easier with the performance of copper and the convenience of stainless steel. The exclusive 5 Layer/3 Ply construction has copper at its core, ensuring an even heat distribution. This 26cm /7.2L Stock Pot has immense capacity with sealed edges to eliminate aluminium exposure, professional quality  Stainless Steel body enveloping a copper core to ensure no hot spots. Dome glass lid for easy viewing, permanently secured handle for strength and hygiene, inside satin finish with capacity markings for accurate cooking results. Compatible with all energy sources, including the efficiency of latest cookware technology INDUCTION

    • Scanpan CLAD 5 Roasting Pan Conical

      The SCANPAN CLAD 5 induction proof roaster ha the construction of 5 layers of 18/10 stainless steel and aluminium core which ensures even heat distribution and no hot spots.


      This generously proportioned CLAD 5 roaster has beautifully flared sides to provide the maximum space for perfect roasting. Ideal for the favourite roast lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables and much more! Designed for larger ovens.

    • Scanpan Classic 32cm Wok

      Scanpan Wok will have you stir-frying vegetables and meat like a pro. It features the trademark Scanpan ceramic titanium non- stick surface. The heavy-duty, pressure-cast aluminum body has an extra-thick base for quick, even heating

    • Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block SetScanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set

      Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set in the original manufacturers box.  With Great Prices, 100% eBay Rating and Fast Free Shipping, we guarantee you will love buying the Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set from us.  In the box   1 x paring knife  1 x utility knife  1 x bread knife  1 x cooks knife  1 x carving knife  1 x beechwood block   SCANPAN Fully Forged Classic Knives will last a lifetime if afforded proper care. To avoid accidental injury and blade damage, treat knives with respect and always handle with due care Cutting on a soft, non abrasive surface such as a timber or plastic cutting board will help prevent premature dulling of the blade Regular use of a SCANPAN Classic Diamond Sharpening Steel will ensure that your knives retain their keen razor sharp edge All SCANPAN Fully Forged Classic knives are dishwasher safe however due to the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process, we recommend that you hand wash your knife and dry it with a towel Use a storage block to house your knives and protect the blades. Never store cutlery pieces loose in a drawer

    • Scanpan Classic Knife Block Set – 15 PieceScanpan Classic Knife Block Set

      The largest block set in the SCANPAN Classic range, this comprehensive 15 piece set includes 6 x 12cm steak knives, a 9cm paring knife, vegetable knife, 15cm utility knife, 20cm bread knife, 20cm cooks knife, 20cm carving knife, 15cm carving fork and sharpening steel all in a beechwood block.

    • SCANPAN Classic Oak 7 Piece Knife Block Set 7pc & Sharpener

      The knives of Scanpan Classic range always deliver the great quality at exceptional value. This reason allows Scanpan Classic become one of the best selling line among others kitchen cutlery.

      Knife Block Set is made of finest quality German stainless steel and its blade has pass through individual Rockwell hardness test to ensure the knives are perfectly made. Its handle is ergonomically designed and slip resistant. Scanpan Classic Knives are great between balance and weight to give you the best preparation experiences in kitchen

    • Scanpan Coppernox Stock Pot - 24cm/7.2ltr

      This SCANPAN Coppernox 24cm/7.2L stock pot expands on traditional cookware with its unique construction. The base is impact bonded with a copper wedge for rapid and even heat distribution. To assist with heat retention and elimination of hot spots, the copper wedge is enveloped by 2 layers of aluminium with stainless steel surrounding the entire piece. This combination provides optimal heat diffusion and control. The sturdy lid with stainless steel rim and tempered glass insert allows you to view the cooking process. The range features cast stainless steel handles with soft touch and comfortable silicone inserts and a internal mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel finish with capacity markings. The range is suitable for all energy sources, including induction. It is oven safe to 220°C. Features: Impact bonded base Copper wedge for rapid heat distribution 2 layers of aluminium surround the copper layer with stainless steel enveloping the entire piece Tempered glass lid Silicone insert on handles Oven safe to 220°C

    • Scanpan CTX 32cm Wok with Rack and Chopsticks

      The Scanpan CTX 32cm Wok uses the best 5 ply clad stainless steel with Scanpans exclusive Ceramic Titanium non-stick internal finish.  Scanpan CTX cookware is oven safe to 260 degrees Celsius with rapid and even heat distribution and is PFOA free.  Designed and made in Denmark, the CTX ranges clever design means there are no dirt collecting edges and the cast stainless steel handles are secured with rivets.  There are a number of accessory options available to make your cooking experience with Scanpan even more enjoyable.

    • Scanpan Impact 24cm Stainless Steel Multi Pot SetScanpan Impact 24cm Stainless Steel Multi Pot Set

      The SCANPAN Impact Multi Pot Set is a very functional combination that allows you to do a number of dishes within the same versatile set. High Quality 18/10 stainless steel

      Optimal 6.4mm thick bonded base

      Inside mirror polish with capacity markingsTempered glass lid for safe and easy viewing

      Handles secured with rivets

      Drip free pouring rimHandles secured with rivets

      For all energy sources including induction