Target Group:

Whether you desire a diverse range of homeware assortments or you want to purchase value for money products, Modern Appliances Commercial (MAC) is the place for you. Customers usually looks for the quality products with the latest technology at the best price, and Traders look for best deals where they can earn more profit by selling to end consumers - we serve both the segments with our wide range and aggressive pricing.

Quality Standards:

We take every step to assure you of the highest levels of pre and post sales service:

  • Directly buying from brands to ensure best product quality and best service along with warranty
  • Professionals ready to help you in store to explain and give demos for products
  • No hidden costs of installation or warranty
  • Fast delivery solution to help you get your product on time

Why Modern Appliance Commercial (MAC)?

We offer the best products at the affordable prices and a hassle free after sales service. Our transparent pricing and no hidden costs, will ensure a wonderful experience for you. We also provide a fast delivery service along with drop-shipping options for your convenience.


We have a wide variety of homeware assortments from Tableware, glassware to kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens and personal care products likes coolers, fans, irons, gadgets, etc. We have a wide brand portfolio to ensure that all your needs are met as per your requirements. Please email for custom order or product enquires.

Different varieties within these products:

From technology products like smart kitchen appliances and designer tableware to conventional products like fans and coolers, we are here to serve your needs. We have a diverse range of products across different brands and unique SKUs all available at transparent prices, a variety of buying options and an exceptional after sales service.

Come experience the modern technology with best professionals to help you get the ideal best product for your business.