Knives & Chopping Boards

Looking for a stylish modern chopping boards & knives set or just an hygienic, colour-coded chopping boards set? Our modern range of chopping boards are selected wisely to help make food-prep easy and hassle-free.

    • Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Plus Chopping Board black

      This double-sided chopping board comes with one smooth side for normal chopping and the other side features specially designed spikes to hold meat in place while you carve it, as well as being angled to collect the juices.

    • Joseph Joseph Doorstore Chopping Board 2pc Set

      Joseph Josephs Nest Storage systems innovative design is space-saving, neatly combining the bases and lids for various sizes of storage container in the same space as one. Bases nest neatly inside each other and lids snap conveniently together making them very easy to find and all elements are clearly colour-coded for speedy pairing. When closed all containers are airtight. Set is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.

    • Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board - SilverJoseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board - Graphite

      Prepare your ingredients like a pro with the Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board. From carving meat to filleting fish, cutting veggies to slicing bread, you will have the right cutting board for the job. Not only this set of four durable and knife-friendly cutting boards will help you in your everyday chopping tasks, but also keep your ingredients in separate cutting surfaces to prevent cross-contamination for even healthier meals.

    • Chopping Boards 3pc Set Large -2% Off

      Product details  – Joseph Joseph Nest Chopping Board 3pc Set Large: This chopping board 3pc Set Large comes complete with its own storage stand that holds the boards apart for fast drying. Color-coded boards with non-slip feet Knife-friendly textured cutting surfaces Organized, space-saving storage stand The stand holds boards separately,…

    • Scanpan 10pc Knife Block Set

      This SCANPAN Classic 10 piece knife block contains an 11cm vegetable knife, 14cm tomato/cheese knife, 15cm utility knife, 20cm bread knife 20cm chef knife , 20cm carving knife, carving fork , sharpening steel and multi purpose kitchen shears, all in a modern beechwood block.

    • Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block SetScanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set

      Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set in the original manufacturers box.  With Great Prices, 100% eBay Rating and Fast Free Shipping, we guarantee you will love buying the Scanpan Classic 6 Piece Kitchen Premium Knife Block Set from us.  In the box   1 x paring knife  1 x utility knife  1 x bread knife  1 x cooks knife  1 x carving knife  1 x beechwood block   SCANPAN Fully Forged Classic Knives will last a lifetime if afforded proper care. To avoid accidental injury and blade damage, treat knives with respect and always handle with due care Cutting on a soft, non abrasive surface such as a timber or plastic cutting board will help prevent premature dulling of the blade Regular use of a SCANPAN Classic Diamond Sharpening Steel will ensure that your knives retain their keen razor sharp edge All SCANPAN Fully Forged Classic knives are dishwasher safe however due to the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process, we recommend that you hand wash your knife and dry it with a towel Use a storage block to house your knives and protect the blades. Never store cutlery pieces loose in a drawer

    • Scanpan Classic Knife Block Set – 15 PieceScanpan Classic Knife Block Set

      The largest block set in the SCANPAN Classic range, this comprehensive 15 piece set includes 6 x 12cm steak knives, a 9cm paring knife, vegetable knife, 15cm utility knife, 20cm bread knife, 20cm cooks knife, 20cm carving knife, 15cm carving fork and sharpening steel all in a beechwood block.

    • SCANPAN Classic Oak 7 Piece Knife Block Set 7pc & Sharpener

      The knives of Scanpan Classic range always deliver the great quality at exceptional value. This reason allows Scanpan Classic become one of the best selling line among others kitchen cutlery.

      Knife Block Set is made of finest quality German stainless steel and its blade has pass through individual Rockwell hardness test to ensure the knives are perfectly made. Its handle is ergonomically designed and slip resistant. Scanpan Classic Knives are great between balance and weight to give you the best preparation experiences in kitchen

    • Scanpan Knife Block Set with Sharpener – 6 Piece + Sharpener

      Scanpan 6 Piece Spectrum Knife Block & Sharpener Set

      Inject colour into your kitchen with this essential knife set. The sharp blades are made of high quality carbon stainless steel and the blades feature non-stick coating; the soft touch handles make this range of knives comfortable to use. The smart cutlery block incorporates a tightly packed polypropylene brush insert which accepts your cutlery pieces in any configuration you choose. It protects the blades of your valuable knives, keeps your cutlery collection organised and close at hand, and adds a visual compliment to your kitchen. This block set also include a knife/shear sharpener.