Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board – Silver


Prepare your ingredients like a pro with the Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board. From carving meat to filleting fish, cutting veggies to slicing bread, you will have the right cutting board for the job. Not only this set of four durable and knife-friendly cutting boards will help you in your everyday chopping tasks, but also keep your ingredients in separate cutting surfaces to prevent cross-contamination for even healthier meals.

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Key Features:

  • Four regular cutting boards that prevents cross contamination for specific food types
  • Cleverly indexed and come in the following colours: red for raw meat, light blue for raw fish, light green for vegetables and white for cooked food
  • Index-style tabs also make it easy to take out boards and store back after use
  • Cutting surfaces are knife-friendly, easy to clean, and designed with sloping edges for catching crumbs and liquids
  • Upright and compact storage case takes up less room
  • Works great for regular cutting tasks and fits nicely on any bench in the home kitchen


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Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board - Silver

Joseph Joseph Index Regular Chopping Board - Silver