Joseph Joseph 2-Piece Twist Grater & Multi-Peel Y-Peeler Set GREEN


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Joseph Joseph 2-piece Grater & Peeler Set Twist Grater™ with adjustable handle This versatile 2-in1 grater lets you grate a range of foods with ease, it comes with two different styles of etched stainless steel blade one on each side of the blade surface for different types of grating, and the handle has two different grating positions for maximum convenience

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From zesting citrus fruits to grating cheese, Twist Grater™ gives you the option of two grating styles per grater, so depending on what type of grating you need you can choose from either coarse and fine, extra coarse and ribbon or star and extra fine. Each of the three options comes in a different colour. With the handle locked in the straight position, it’s ideal for grating directly over plates and dishes. But when you twist and lock the handle at 90° it creates a naturally sturdy shape for resting on the worktop, providing more support when grating larger quantities of food. It comes with a reversible plastic sheath that protects the blades when stored but can be flipped to allow you to collect and measure grated food. • Two styles of etched stainless-steel blade in one – Coarse and Fine • Two handle positions: Straight – for grating over food; Twisted 90-degrees – extra support for grating larger amounts • Non-slip handle and feet • Reversible storage sheath can also be used to collect grated food • Dishwasher Safe   Multi-Peel™ Y-Peeler with eye-remover & scraping tool For all your peeling needs, Multi-peel™ is range a of highly-effective peelers with stainless steel blades that each peel in a different style. • Three peeling tools in one • Straight peeling blade • Tough scraping blade • Handy potato-eye remover • Ergonomic handle • Blade guard included • Dishwasher Saf

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions24 × 17 × 29.7 cm

6 reviews for Joseph Joseph 2-Piece Twist Grater & Multi-Peel Y-Peeler Set GREEN

  1. Jimmers

    Ingenious design. Works great. Good quality. Not for making large quantities but great for family use. Can grate ahead of dinner and store grated cheese.

  2. Stingray Dave

    this is a chefs tool!

  3. Elwood Smith

    Wonderful design that mixes use and safety.

  4. David K. Kennedy

    I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how much I like this grater. The twisting handle design is somewhat wasted on me, but my wife has done that while zesting lemons over a tall bowl and says it works well for that. I really like that the handle feels firm in the hand, it’s dishwasher safe, and it has a low profile in the kitchen drawer.

  5. Dominika

    This is probably the best kitchen product I’ve purchased on Amazon. It’s just great. There are no cons. Love the ergonomic design.

  6. Roz

    Great design never disappoints! This is so useful, practical, and versatile that I can’t say enough good things. Add that the storage sleeve doubles as a measure for the amount you’ve grated, and this hits all the high notes! Ability to turn handle to use as a stand is added bonus. I couldn’t be without this and it’s the best I’ve seen in its class!

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Joseph Joseph 2-Piece Twist Grater & Multi-Peel Y-Peeler Set GREEN

Joseph Joseph 2-Piece Twist Grater & Multi-Peel Y-Peeler Set GREEN