Nuance Penguin 1.7ltr Water Pitcher - Brass


Holding 1.7L of freshwater, the Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher in Brass is as stylish as it is functional. The first thing you notice is how great it looks but this water jug has also been designed to perform beautifully. The capacity ensures it is suitable for large dinner parties at home but it is also suitable for everyday use.

The Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher has been designed by Marcus Vagnby, a trained industrial designer with a brass outer, the Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher has a stunning shine to it. There is also a removable ice filter that helps to prevent ice cubes from dropping into glasses.

About Nuance: Demonstrating strong Nordic design, Nuance is a modern brand that features a collection of innovative and functional products. For over 30 years Nordic designers have taken Nuance from strength to strength developing a range of homewares, kitchen utensils and bar/wine accessories.

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