Bugatti Jacqueline Kettle

$582 $649

Jacqueline warms up your style!

it gives a touch of refined elegance to the perfect tea-brewing. It combines technology and style in an amazing way and enables to check every feature of the infusion process when in use its base becomes bright.

You can prepare the perfect infusion adjusting the water temperature at the needed degree (from 40°C/104°F to 100°C/212°F) for the most refined and precious teas. You can set the Keep Warm function, which maintains water at the desired temperature for up to an hour.
Using the Bugatti B Chef App (available for iPhone, iPad, and Android) you can easily program a perfect infusion at the desired temperature and set time for each day of the week.
The Keep Warm function can be adjusted as needed ( up to three hours) and Baby water function can be activated: it brings the water to a boil before reaching the pre-set temperature for the baby bottle.

  • Designer: Innocenzo rifino e lorenzo ruggieri

  • Measurements: 15X25X28 cm (Dimensions in Augmented Reality)

  • Finish: Shiny plain color

  • Maintenance: Before using read carefully the instructions manual

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