Avanti Hobnail 800ml Cast Iron Teapot


Complete your tea party setup with Avanti Hobnail 800ml Cast Iron Teapot!

Made out of long lasting cast iron construction will retain the heat and keep your tea at the proper serving temperature throughout your meal or tea party. 

Featuring an interior surface quality enamel that increases the Avanti’s Hobnail teapot rust resistivity.

The handle of Avanti Hobnail cast iron teapot is ergonomically designed with a well-balanced handle that offers safety on handling heavy cast iron.

Great gift for friends, family, wedding and tea lovers.


Traditionally inspired by the timeless beauty

Removable lid and broad stable base

Holds temperature for longer

Quality enamel inside finish

Material: Cast iron

Capacity: 800ml (Teapot)

Capacity: 100ml (Each Cup)

Colour: Black

Maintenance/Care: Rinse clean then dry carefully.

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.

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